To our most recent donors... We thank you.

Bricks given in memory of or in honor of

Bill & Sally Benedetto
Mildred Hambach and Kristi Brown
Madlyn Brouillette
Erin Solomon

In Memoriam

Lesley Berry - September 2015

We received 2 donations in Lesley's memory. Lesley was a long-time volunteer at the Wilsonville Public Library and a former Director of the Wilsonville Public Library Foundation.

Dr. John Ehrstine - December 2015
We received 3 donations in Dr. Ehrstine's memory. For years, John taught 8-week college level literary seminars at the Wilsonville Library, enriching the lives of so many. His students dearly miss his wit and his passion for sharing his knowledge.

Mick Scott - January 2016

We received 7 donations in recognition of Mick's strong support of our Library. While Mick was on the Board of Directors of the Wilsonville Public Library Foundation, he was instrumental in raising money for the Library's building expansion.

Additional Donations in memory of

John Duncan
Patrick O'Hogan 

Honoring a Friend or Relative

We received donations honoring:

Kimberly Hack
Catherine Mandich
Dick Spence
Steve Turner, Library Director Emeritus

Special Occasions

"As for the donors wall, I had noticed it several years ago and tucked it away as a possible future non-present should the need arise.
Lori and I don't give each other presents for Christmas (just birthdays), so I try to come up with a gift to some program/institution in her name each year. This year I wanted something close to home and the Public Library popped right up. We both believe strongly in education and she has made some very nice comments about the Wilsonville Library. So WPLF was a natural choice." -Burr S.