Ask Me

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"Ask Me" is the title of one of William Stafford's poems. On March 19 we had the great pleasure of hearing Kim Stafford talk about his father's poetry and share snippets of his life and philosophy. Bill Stafford considered himself a seeker.


Kim is an accomplished presenter and story teller who moved us and had us laughing out loud. About 80 people came to the Old Church, including almost all of Dr. John Ehrstine's poetry class.

The Wilsonville Public Library Foundation provided the financial support to bring Mr. Stafford to the event. Find out about upcoming events at the Wilsonville Library website.

Charlie Hyman Photography in March

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Here is what Charlie Hyman says about his work and "Finding the Positive":

Photography is much more for me than just finding interesting things to capture in digital images.  It is a way of seeing what’s around me, of looking for beauty in the natural world.  With or without my camera, I notice more and pay closer attention to my surroundings, to the weather, and to contrasts in light, shapes, and subjects because of my interest in photography.


We live in a spectacularly beautiful part of the world and I feel fortunate enough to be able to explore it often.  When I photograph wild places, I hope my pictures inspire others to seek beauty in the natural world and to want to visit and preserve it.

Most of all, my photography helps me to look for the good in the world and bring it to light.  In the wilderness or in my own back yard, I can always find something good around me.  Beauty is truly in the lens of the beholder!


Come look at Charlie's photographs at the Wilsonville Public Library in March. They are available for purchase.

Need a gift for your Valentine?

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Local artist Jennifer Benz says "I like rocks...and fabric...and yarn...and BEADS! I have been a fiber artist all my life. Being one who believes in tradition, I encouraged my Grandmother to teach me to crochet and embroider before I turned 7. Some years later, I convinced my Mom to teach me to sew. Growing up in Kansas, Colorado, Wyoming and Oregon, I found a respect and love of Traditional Native American Beadwork. Girl Scout camp introduced me to my first Seed Beadwork class and I have ALWAYS been a lover of rocks, which led me to Gemstone Jewelry. I have been in the Jewelry Business since 1987 and Sewing for the public since 1992."

You can view Jennifer's creations in the Library's lobby display cases this February. Her items are available to take home at the time of purchase. There is still time to get a gift for your Valentine. 20% of the purchase price goes to the Wilsonville Library Foundation.

Do you like Poetry?

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It's not too late to sign up for the 8-week seminar on poet William Stafford.

The class starts Wednesday, January 29, at 6 PM.

Where: Wilsonville Public Library, Oak Room

Sign up at the Wilsonville Public Library to reserve a seat. Cost $40.

Special Guest on January 29:

   Oregon Poet Laureate Paulann Petersen


Wilsonville Library is Number 1

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The Oregon State Library reports that the Wilsonville Public Library led the state in the number of children participating in the 2013 Summer Reading Program for libraries of its size:

  • 49% of children in the greater Wilsonville area participated in the 2013 Summer Reading Program - the highest percentage for libraries serving between 1,000 and 100,000 children in Oregon


  • nearly 27% of kids in the library's service area finished the program - that is the highest percentage of finishers for any library serving over 2,000 kids under the age of 14

The Wilsonville Library Foundation supported the Science Adventure portion of summer reading with nearly $4,200. We are so proud of our Library.

Invitation to the Annual Meeting

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We cordially invite you to join the Wilsonville Public Library Foundation Board at our Annual Meeting on Wednesday, January 15, 2014. We'll review the programs we funded in 2013, report on contributions received in 2013, elect officers, and get a preview of plans for 2014.

The meeting starts at 6:30 PM at the Library.

Questions? Feel free to contact me (see Contact Us).

Hilly Alexander, President