December Artist of the Month

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Lisa Nead is back with her photography. Come look at her prints on the Library's art wall. All of the prints are for sale. Prices range from $64 - $299.

Lisa says

"Whenever I travel to a destination with the specific intention to photograph, I am never sure what images I will end up with but I am certain I will enjoy the process. It is where both the challenge and the reward happen for me. Being in the right place at the right time with the added component of what some may call luck, but I like to call magic, is what makes the experience so rewarding for me; the bee lands on the flower right in front of me, the storm clouds part for just long enough to cast a delicate light across the countryside, a couple stands hand in hand silhouetted in front of an orange sunset. To have this “magic” happen I must be patient and simply allow the image to unfold before me. This is the part I love most about capturing a photograph."

Did you know that 20% of each sale go to the Wilsonville Public Library Foundation? We use the money to support the programs listed on our What We Do page. As always, we thank you wholeheartedly for your support of our fantastic Library.

Paintings inspired by Poems

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Our November display features paintings inspired by the poems of William Stafford. Lake Oswego Reads partnered with 18 local artists who created artwork inspired by one of William Stafford's poems. The paintings have been touring libraries throughout the state of Oregon for the past year and we are the last stop on the tour. Oregon is celebrating the Centennial of poet William Stafford. The town of Lake Oswego is especially involved because Stafford lived their for over 45 years. "ASK ME: 100 Essential Poems by William Stafford" was selected to be this years selection for the Lake Oswego reads program. Artists participating in this years display are:

Sally Bills Bailey, Bill Baily, Mary Burgess, Susie Cowan, Sonja Donnelly, Geraldine Foote, Susan Greenbaum, Dave Haslett, Sue Jensen, Jani Hoberg, Dyanne Locati, Ann Munson, Kara Pilcher, Jan Rimerman, Arletha Ryan, Beth Verheyden, Lisa Wiser, and Angela Woolley

Most of the paintings are for sale and prices are listed on the explanation cards. If the card has a red dot on it, the painting has already sold.

Kids love Science Adventure

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"491 kids completed their Science Logs:   the highest number so far and an 11% increase from last year
27% of kids who signed up for Summer Reading finished their Science Logs (50% finished the Reading Log portion)
-       Steven Engelfried, Youth Services Librarian"

Handwoven Textiles Featured at Wilsonville Library

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Wilsonville Library presents, Weaving for the Home, which features the work of Oregon handwoven textile artist Marlene Lloyd. The handwoven textile show runs July 1-31 in the main lobby of the library located at 8200 SW Wilsonville Road.

Marlene Lloyd draws her color inspiration from nature, the rich reds, deep purples, and lovely shades of orange from her walks in urban neighborhoods, parks, mountains and the desert. Ms. Lloyd has earned multiple awards for her textiles and has been featured in Handwoven Magazine. Her work is in private collections across the country.

The Exhibit is open during Library hours. There is no cost to attend.

Reading to babies works

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Today the American Academy of Pediatrics announced a new policy: doctors will tell parents to read aloud to their infants from birth. Reading, as well as talking and singing, is viewed as important in increasing the number of words that children hear in the earliest years of their lives. Children who have heard more words, have a distinct advantage in school. Read more at


One of our Library’s strategic goals is to ignite a passion for reading and learning in all children from birth.

You can help the Wilsonville Library Foundation work towards this goal by donating money to the Imagination Library project. It’s easy to do, just click on the Donate Today button and apply your gift to the Imagination Library. With your help we will continue to put a free age appropriate book into the hands of Wilsonville children every month until the age of five.


Ask Me

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"Ask Me" is the title of one of William Stafford's poems. On March 19 we had the great pleasure of hearing Kim Stafford talk about his father's poetry and share snippets of his life and philosophy. Bill Stafford considered himself a seeker.


Kim is an accomplished presenter and story teller who moved us and had us laughing out loud. About 80 people came to the Old Church, including almost all of Dr. John Ehrstine's poetry class.

The Wilsonville Public Library Foundation provided the financial support to bring Mr. Stafford to the event. Find out about upcoming events at the Wilsonville Library website.